Safety Policy

Updated 22 January 2019

The brothers of the Sigma Phi Epsilon, Illinois Mu chapter are committed to ensuring safety and consensuality in all social engagements on our premises and any other SigEp-related events. We are committed to preventing non-consensual activity and supporting those who have been victimized by it.


  • At any SigEp function held on the premises, at least three fraternity brothers will be present and sober at all times.

  • Alcohol will not be served at any SigEp event open to the public..

  • At every open SigEp function held on SigEp premises, the President and at least one other member of the Executive Board will be present and sober at all times.

  • All members of SigEp will respond immediately to any claims or concerns related to sexual assault and/or harassment in accordance with FCS procedures.

  • Any invitation-only events hosted, held, or sponsored by SigEp IL Mu will conform to alcohol guidelines set by Grand Chapter Bylaws.

  • Please inform us of any questionable conduct or behavior, and please do not hesitate to call or text any of our contacts below if you feel unsafe in any way.  We will regularly check our phones and will respond immediately.




JEFFREY BI, PRESIDENT: (609) 712-6509


  • If you feel threatened or unsafe, please know that you can go tell any brother and he will direct you to the safety contact on-duty who is well-equipped to assist you.

  • If any brother of this fraternity is witness to a situation involving non-consensual conduct or the beginnings of any sort of non-consensual activity, they have the obligation to intervene however necessary, including but not limited to asking individuals to leave. They will also report such conduct to the President and the Executive Board, who will respond in accordance with FCS policy.

  • In addition, every brother of this fraternity is obligated to report any incident that may be a Title IX violation to the President and the Risk Manager, who will respond as necessary.

  • Any member undergoing formal Title IX review will be suspended immediately and indefinitely, or until proceedings end, at which point he must appeal for readmission into the fraternity, subject to a whole-chapter vote. If found guilty by any Title IX or criminal proceedings, he will be immediately and permanently expelled from the fraternity with no possibility of appeal.


Title IV. of the University’s Policy on Unlawful Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct provides the following definition:

Sexual misconduct encompasses a range of conduct, from sexual assault (a criminal act that the U.S. Department of Education defines as sexual harassment) to conduct such as unwanted touching or persistent unwelcome comments, e-mails, or pictures of an insulting or degrading sexual nature, which may constitute unlawful harassment, depending upon the specific circumstances and context in which the conduct occurs. For example, sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or sexually-directed remarks or behavior constitute sexual harassment when (i) submission to or rejection of such conduct is made, explicitly or implicitly, a basis for an academic or employment decision, or a term or condition of either; or (ii) such conduct directed against an individual persists despite its rejection.

Other Resources:


·        Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call (24-hours): 773-702-8181 or a direct paging system, 773-834-HELP (4357)

·        Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP): 773-834-7738

·        Shea Wolfe, Title IX Coordinator for the University & Title IX Coordinator for Students: 773-702-0438